No form of art should ever be imprisoned by man’s interpretation of what art should be, for art is the very essence of one’s freedom of expression.
– Merrilyn Jaquiery (2013)

Merrilyn Jaquiery, born in New Zealand, is internationally recognised as being among the top wildlife artists in the world.

In 1981 Merrilyn was commissioned by World Wildlife Fund New Zealand to paint the endangered ground parrot Kakapo for His Royal Highness Prince Phillip, the Duke of Edinburgh. She was appointed the first honorary Life Member of World Wildlife Fund NZ in October 1985 in recognition for her outstanding contribution and support to the cause of conservation.

Her recent accomplishments have been ‘Award finalist International Book Awards’ (U.S. 2013) for her book titled ‘The Beautiful Gifting of Art’. Paintings & Drawings by Merrilyn Jaquiery.


International Exhibitions

Bateman selects. (1986). Nicolaysen Art Museum (NIC), Casper, USA.
New Zealand in Washington. (1986). The Art Society of the International Monetary Fund.
Windows on the West. (1984). Wilcox Gallery, Jackson Hole, Wyoming, USA.


World Wildlife Fund New Zealand. (1981). Kakapo and Chick.
Presented to HRH Prince Phillip the Duke of Edinburgh during the 1981 royal tour of NZ.
World Wildlife Fund New Zealand. (1983). The Black Robin Collection.
Allen Calendars. (1988). Merrilyn Jaquiery Collection. Limited edition Black Robin, series.
Taupo Council. (1983). Thinkin’ of a Good Day’s Fishin’. Presented to US Ambassador Munroe
Browne and Governor Deukmejian representing the people of California.


First appointed Life Member of World Wildlife Fund New Zealand. (1985).
Finalist of International Book Awards, (U.S.) for ‘The Beautiful Gifting of Art’ Paintings
& Drawings by Merrilyn Jaquiery.